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Scottsdale Tree Trimmers has been removing cacti in Scottsdale for over a decade and we have the expertise, professional equipment and spotless safety record to handle your project, no matter how big it may be!  Species such as Saguaro cactus, Prickly Pear cactus and Barrel Cactus can grow to be very large in captivity, and can be difficult or dangerous to remove if not handled by professionals.  Our Scottsdale cactus removal team is professionally trained, knowledgeable, experienced and courteous, to ensure that your cactus removal project is performed safely and efficiently.

Although large cactus species such as Saguaro can add aesthetics and value to your property, they can also grow at an amazingly fast pace when allowed to grow in captivity, such as a yard that has an irrigation or drip system.  Cactus such as Saguaro will send its surface root system in all directions searching for a water source, and once found, the growth and size of the cactus can actually outgrow the ability of its root system to support itself.  This is the reason that many Saguaro cacti in captivity will lean as they grow taller, and in many cases, they can fall to the ground without warning.  In addition to their fast growth rate in captivity, Saguaro cacti are also susceptible to air-borne disease and infection, such as Bacterial Necrosis, which attacks the cactus from the inside, oftentimes not even visible until the health condition of the cactus is beyond repair. 

Situations such as these are the most dangerous, because the cactus can randomly fall to the ground, crushing everything in its path, such as homes, vehicles, and in some cases, even people.  This is one of the many reasons to have cactus removal performed in Scottsdale, since it is not worth risking property or persons over a cactus that is unsafe.Scottsdale,AZ Cactus Removal Service

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